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About AAC

ARICRETE is a light weight brick manufactured under the technology of Aerated Autoclaved foam concrete with a very low density. A product from the house of Arihant, it is versatile, lightweight and superior in strength, it consists of millions of air bubbles trapped in an Autoclaved Concrete bricks. It imparts higher strength, more flexibility and greater stability to walls being constructed for all type of structures.

ARICRETE bricks are mainly used in modern constructions from bungalows to multi-storeyed buildings, industrial buildings and all types of structure walls. ARICRETE AAC bricks can be easily cut to any required shape. It can also be grooved easily to make place for wiring and plumbing. It has good acoustic properties and it is durable. Moreover, it is an excellent thermal insulator and most environment friendly building construction material on earth.ARICRETE has multi-functional advantages with cost reduction and unlimited savings.

Advanced Manufacturing :
    ARICRETE bricks consist of Quartz (Silica & PFA) which is the largest of the dry material involved. The Silica along with the cement and lime mixture reacts with the aluminum to form the millions of tiny air cells. The high pressure steam curing in autoclaves achieves a physically & chemically stable product with an average density being approx one fifth of normal concrete & one fourth of clay bricks, that give ARICRETE block its unique properties.
Building better walls - various applications

ARICRETE bricks are used in constructing better walls for all type of structures such as  bungalows, villa's, multi-storeyed apartments, office buildings, industrial buildings, old building extensions and additional upper floors, in renovation and interior of houses, waterproofing of toilets and terraces, mass concrete filling, and murals and art  for its property of being easy to install with precision. It can be cut, drilled, nailed, and grooved etc on - site by masons using simple working tools.