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Benifits Of ARICRETE

Saves labour & time
Due to light-weight of bricks and larger block size brick, almost 50% of labor work, time and money is saved.

Moisture Resistance
ARICRETE blocks provide good resistance to the passage of moisture. Independent tests have indicated that AAC blocks make water penetration extremely difficult.
Fire resistant
All AAC bricks provide excellent fire protection and can easily resist fire for up to 4 hours. No toxic fume is generated on burning, thus saving precious lives during a fire.
Thermal insulation

ARICRETE blocks offer high levels of thermal insulation that help maintain distinct internal and external temperatures. They also help reduce heat. As a result, the air conditioning or heating required for interiors is reduced and it makes the use of additional thermal insulation unnecessary.

Even finishing
Since ARICRETE blocks are big in size, the finishing of the surface walls is even. Also there is 20% saving as compared to wastage/ theft incurred in red bricks.
Stronger walls

ARICRETE walls are much stronger than red bricks. It is also easy to drive in nails. Electric wiring & plumbing can also easily done.

Saves plaster
Due to an even finish, 15% cost saving is possible i.e. almost Rs 6 per sq.ft. on both the sides. ARICRETE AAC blocks have uniform shape and texture, which give even surface to the walls. There is overall 35% reduction in the cost of plastering.

Pest and mold resistance

AAC blocks are also termite, pest, mold and fungus resistant and hence greatly improve the indoor air quality.