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Repairs / Reconstruction / Modification

In many Old buildings, Repairs, Modifications, Alterations, Relocation of walls are made in some sections. Any Addition or Shifting of walls increases the load on the structure immensely, which is dangerous & can lead to collapse.ARICRETE being very light, is the perfect solution for such usage.

It is strongly recommended by Structural Consultants to use ONLY Light weight blocks for old structures, as the Dead Loads transferred to the existing structure can be reduced to a larger extent.

Waterproofing on Terraces/ Toilets

For waterproofing works, chipped pieces of Red brics are generally used. ARICRETE with its lightness is more suitable for such use. ARICRETE block in small sizes & pieces can be used in waterproofing as it has the same properties of other insulating materials used.

Plumb Concreting

To fill up voids in structures, and to even up the levels, Plumb Concreting is required. This is used in sunken places, moulding, elevations, features, etc.

In normal filling, this increases the load to the structure largely. ARICRETE pieces can be mixed in such concrete to decrease the weight of filling materials, even while keeping intact, the properties and uses of the filling materials.

Artwork & Murals

With its property of easy workability, ARICRETE blocks are quickly and accurately cut with a band saw or hand saw to the desired dimension including accurate angles and other shapes. ARICRETE can also be drilled, nailed, grooved, routed, shaped, sculpted, carved, coated, floated, screwed into and milled with common tools and finished with paint, tile, drywall, plaster, or veneer.

Decorative Features like keystones, window sills and columns can easily be created on the job site.

ARICRETE blocks are largely used by artists for modern sculpturesof any sizes, which beautify the interiors & exteriors of spaces, enhancing the ambience of the property.