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Other Benifits Of ARICRETE

Acoustic Insulation
AAC Bricks have natural acoustic insulation due to their aerated structure and have superior sound absorption properties in comparison with other materials. They reduces outdoor noise pollution and also saves costs by reducing costs of noise and echo proofing materials.

As a result of the excellent size/weight ratio, constructing with AAC is very rapid. Even though AAC is a solid building material, it can be cut, sawn, drilled, nailed and milled like wood, making it an extremely workable product.
Earthquake Resistance
Earthquake forces on structure are proportional to the weight of the building. AAC products have proven earthquake resistance due to its light weight and porous structure. The structure has millions of tiny cells which cushions buildings from major force, preventing progressive collapse. Thus it saves lives and response time for rescue operations during earthquake.
Durabilty is an important factor when considering use of a building material. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) has proven to be a very durable material. There are numerous structures in many different climates worldwide, many over sixty years old, in excellent condition. AAC provides a very low maintenance building, saving considerable time and money in upkeep over the life of the building. This is of tremendous advantage to the building owner, creating a better investment and value up-front and over the long-term. Due to durable nature, AAC bricks minimises the cost of repair & renovation every twenty years of the structures
HighThermal Mass Inertia

High Thermal Mass Inertia slows the transfer of heat through the wall. AAC walls are typically 8 to 10 inches thick. The sheer mass of the wall causes heat to pass through more slowly. In temperate climates, this lag time allows the HVAC system to compete against the average temperature of the day, rather than the peak temperature. AAC has a very low thermal conductivity and therefore very high thermal energy efficiency is achieved. It keeps interiors cooler in summer & warmer in winter .This results in savings on heating and cooling costs. 

Low Carbon Footprint
The carbon foot prints of AAC bricks are considerably less compared to traditional walling materials (per sq ft carbon levels: AAC bricks 2.13 kg of CO2, clay bricks 17.6 kg of CO2, concrete walls 14 kg of CO2). Also, the light weight of ARICRETE AAC bricks reduces the carbon emission as more cubic meter can be transported per truck load as compared to traditional walling material (3 trucks traditional material in cu m equates 1 truck AAC bricks in cum).